Are you keen to invest in a commercial property?

Many banks and investment firms use our savings and invest on our behalf in properties. Most investment funds have a big proportion of investors' funds in the property portfolios. The reason for this strategy is the security and the tangible aspect of the brick and mortar. However, there is a missing piece in this jigsaw puzzle! That is, why don't individuals get enough return for it? There are a number of reasons for it. 1- Investment institutions spread the risks, 2- they have a large management fees, 3- most importantly, you do not have control and visibility (except the big players).  So here is a chance for those of you who do not have a very large capital to do it alone but like to oversee and receive the full growth of your property investment!

I am looking to purchase a freehold premises to be used by TULIP and therefore seek individuals to invest his/her capital in the share of freehold assets of a desirable premises. The type of premises sought is a commercial property. An example of such a premises could be found in the industrial or business parks. The property will be used by TULIP for a variety of business functions such as IT, ECommerce and Import/Export Management. Naturally, details of the business functions will be further explained to genuine investors. The purchased property’s lease value is assessed based on market value and subsequently leased to TULIP. Hence safeguarding investor's assets as well as providing an immediate investment return. In this way, you know the property is leased immediately, the business tenent is also a share holder and naturally in a position to protect your assets.

Look forward to hearing from genuine investors and will be happy to answer your questions.